By using this site, you agree to our, 6 Reasons Why Supplier Development Is Key to a Successful Supply Chain. Choosing what engineering to specialize in can be a difficult task especially if you love designing objects and fixing broken wires. Privacy Statement and While core mechanical engineering principles, such as thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and machine design are still valid, expertise in composites, mechatronics, and nanotechnology are in increasingly high demand. Analyzing the results of the test and making changes in design or any system. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "afdb56bc48dc889401ddf6ac7fb4fd6b" );document.getElementById("f49e492648").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); DISCLAIMER: Unless specified, is not in any way affiliated with any of the scholarship providers featured in this website and does not recruit or process application for any organization. While mechanical engineers have always been essential in the automotive industry, their role is crucial now more than ever. Engineering as a course requires a lot of creativity. Practicing professionals, however, will need to keep up-to-date with current and future advancements to avoid being left behind. I graduated as a Mechanical Engineer back in 2013, and I was going through the same dilemma back in 2009. Basically, mechanical engineering is diverse and all-encompassing. Enlist Your Company ico-arrow-default-right. There are four main branches of engineering… While new technologies have no doubt changed the engineering landscape, the future looks bright for the mechanical engineering industry. Welcome to Thomas Insights — every day, we publish the latest news and analysis to keep our readers up to date on what’s happening in industry. What is the Difference Between Mechanical and Electrical Engineering? Your email address will not be published. Hence, the curriculum is designed to allow students to choose major areas of concentration from energy conversion, design engineering, materials engineering, as well as manufacturing engineering. Some universities have … Engineering is a very broad discipline. What will mechanical engineers do after automobiles become mostly electric and electronic? Graduating from an accredited college of engineering as a mechanical engineer or electrical engineer is the first step to having many amazing job opportunities to apply to. Individuals who complete a four year degree program in mechanical engineering are called mechanical engineers. We are using the power of our platform to aid in the mass shortage of critical supplies. If your company can help provide supplies, capabilities, or materials for products such as N-95 Masks and Tyvek Suits — Please let us know. As a result, mechanical engineers can be found in numerous industries working on a wide range of projects. International Scholarship Opportunities Online, July 7, 2020 By Nneoma Gideon Leave a Comment. Some of the areas where mechanical engineers are expected to be in high demand include: The transportation sector continues to generate the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. Required fields are marked *. Mechanical engineering. On the other hand, the mechanical engineering curriculum is designed to teach students designing, manufacturing, analyzing, and testing different mechanical systems and components that are working together. Mainly, they concentrate on developing and installing the electric equipment which is provided in the communication and broadcast systems such as portable music players, GPA systems, and other options. So, an electrical engineer who has leans hard into technical drawing and basic mechanical stuff may work in position initially advertised for mechanical engineers. However, according to Huffington Post, despite the exponential growth of the manufacturing industry, many U.S. manufacturers are finding difficulty filling vacant positions for skilled workers, engineers included. Surely ,mechanical engineering is best among all engineering for your future and experience ..let me explain..mechanical engineering have strong material science knowledge ,design and manufacturing of materials..Even electricity produced by help of so much mechanical engineers in electrical industry sector too.mechanical engineer have a basic knowledge about electronics and circuits as in sem they have 4 … Sources. That’s because there is tremendous growth potential for both in the coming years. Supervising the entire process of manufacturing of any product. I'm having a lot of trouble deciding whether I should go into mechanical or electrical engineering. Mechanical engineering is considered the broadest of all engineering disciplines, mainly due to the field’s overlap with other areas of study, such as civil, chemical, and industrial engineering. All Rights Reserved. Mechanical engineers design and oversee the manufacture of many products ranging from medical devices to new batteries. These students graduate to become mech engineers who can deal with anything that moves from components to machines to human body. Interestingly, there are online mechanical engineering programs and electrical engineering programs for distance students. 4. This is mainly because of its essentiality for all different modern-day industries. So, if you attend a good school and know your onions, you will definitely be among the 2 percent who will get a job upon graduation. Automation Is No Longer Optional — It's Inevitable, Energy Tech Company's West Virginia Project Expected to Create 1,000 Jobs, The Supply Chain Isn't Sleeping on This Wellness Trend. Also in my university, the acceptance average for electrical is higher then mechanical. Your email address will not be published. Terms and Conditions, Thomasnet Is A Registered Trademark Of Thomas Publishing Mechanical Engineering vs. Electrical Engineering The Job Role Of Mechanical Engineers. University of California, Riverside Mechanical Engineering Program . This rapidly growing field is one that offers abundant opportunities for mechanical engineers. mechanical and electrical have a lot in common. This is however, based on collation of data collected and analyzed. This may seem low but an indication that the services of these professions are actually needed. This field, which seeks to merge body and machine, involves the design and testing of complex and intricate device architectures that mimic the body’s musculoskeletal design. I am a high school senior debating between these two majors. From basic objects like wheels to the ever useful screws and inclined planes, from cars to aeroplanes, from paperclips to ships, from bridges to skyscrapers, t… Being a mechanical engineer you will learn to build car’s body and engine while being an electrical engineer you … Few years back the demand for civil engineers was quite less but in future because of urbanization of the country more and more civil engineers would required. New fields of study and subject areas will favor engineering graduates. Furthermore, as vehicle manufacturing becomes more automated, mechanical engineers will be front and center in the design of robotics and assembly lines. Basically, the role or responsibility of electrical engineers revolves around designing of several electrical systems that work in automobiles and aircraft systems as well. This branch of engineering deals with heavy current that is electric light and power systems alongside apparatuses. In the years ahead, mechanical engineers are expected to be integral in using nanotechnology to: The role of mechanical engineers in robotics is taken a step even further with the rapid growth of biomechatronics. As of now, the situation is unfathomable. Regardless of … Below is a detailed job description of an electrical engineer. I understand that electrical engineering seems like the obvious choice, but I’m also aware mechanical engineering would have just about the same involvement in a career. Mechanical Engineering degree vs Mechatronics degree The target of Mechanical Engineering undergraduate studies is to train you to find mechanical solutions and become an innovative thinker. You should be able to choose one after reading this piece. Let us be more practical and look deep into future. Mechanical engineers will be primarily involved in the design of mechanical sensors, controllers, and actuators for biomedical devices used in prosthetics and miniature medical implants. Website Last Modified December 2, 2020. The material provided here is solely for informational purposes. You are probably wondering why they are not offered as one program then. The future is driven by transformations in technology. As stated earlier mechanical engineering and electrical share some similarities. Basically, this article will give a variety of definitions alongside job descriptions to aid you visualize what mechanical engineering program is. The demand for mechanical engineers is higher than for electrical engineers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Basically, the field of engineering that specializes in the study, design and application of equipment , devices and systems which use electricity, electronics and electromagnetism is called electrical engineering. 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On the other hand, mechanical engineers according to Forbes study show that $92,800 is the annual take-home salary in 10 states where mechanical engineers were paid highest. Both mechanical engineering and electrical share a lot in common. Thomas Regional® are part of Actually, the branch of engineering that applies the principles of engineering to the design and construction of machines and their parts is called Mechanical engineering. Copyright© 2020 Thomas Publishing Company. Mounting pressures to increase production efficiency while minimizing operating costs have fueled demand for new and innovative technologies. The versatility of this field has historically lead to rich job prospects for mechanical engineers, and the same seems to hold true for the future. Other roles may include the following: Similar to mechanical engineering, different definitions and explanations exists. However, which you should do must be determined by you. An electrical engineer’s job will typically involve designing an ... engineering is not only one of the most lucrative types of engineering but is also one of the best tech jobs for the future. In fact, generation, transmission, and distribution of power, communications, manufacture, and design of semiconductor devices are some of the most defining career paths for students in the electrical engineering program. 361 9. Many business leaders start with engineering because it helps them to develop their problem-solving skills. Though their job description tends to capture employing their skills to circuit theory or using their management skills for project management. A glance at the table of contents below will show how much information embedded in this article reveals that both professions are unique and exceptional in their respective ways. Factors like determination, career choice, and interest will determine which is harder for you. Basically, Mech Engineers harness their skills to produce new and improved machines and tools. However, this article will proffer a detailed job description for electrical engineers to clarify what electrical engineering entails. Another specific difference in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering is the best schools for each program. Students will take courses that cover physical science, engineering, mathematics, and oral and written communications. Investing in the diagnosis of equipment failure and solving them with the help of tools and techniques. Mechatronics is a multi-discipline element of engineering, incorporating electronics, mechanical and information technology. If you have discovered the right engineering program for you and wondering where to get the best academic learning experience, click any of the buttons below to read a review on best schools for each. Mechanical vs Electrical Engineering. Honda Gets Ready to Mass-produce Level 3 Autonomous Cars, Expert Tips for Setting up Robotics in Your Warehouse, How the Industrial IoT Can Enhance the Value of Mobile Air Compressors, Listen to the Thomas Industry Update Podcast. Students must be prepared to understand and make calculations based on the underlying physics that govern electrical interactions. However, the electrical engineering program curriculum covers a broad knowledge of practical and theoretical knowledge. The future of electrical engineering as a profession The other day I was watching Dave Jones, a video blogger that I find entertaining and informative. Electrical engineers have the responsibility of designing and developing alongside testing of different processes that work in the manufacturing of any particular electrical equipment. His blog, the EEVblog , is catnip for nerds who like to solder stuff and use oscilloscopes. The future of engineering lies in combining electrical and mechanical engineering into electromechanics. If yes, leave us with a 5-star rating in the Review Box below. Students who graduate from an electrical engineering program have the right knowledge and skill to pursue a career in any sector of design and research, sales, management, teaching, and others. However, Electrical engineering is the bridge between computer science and mechanical engineering. To become a mechanical engineer or an electrical engineer, students must spend at least four years in a college of engineering faculty of an accredited university. With a mechanical engineering degree, students upon graduation can work as the following in any industry: An electrical engineering degree from an accredited institution will allow students who graduate successfully to work as: According to a report by Forbes, a research carried out on 10 States where Electrical Engineers earn the Most Money shows that the national average annual wage of an electrical engineer is $101,600. And for Electrical, well it is always people's number first choice. I don't have much programming experience, but I did take an introductory class and I'm not doing as well as i had thought, but I still think if I work hard enough I can so well in it! Electrical engineers who are individuals who have completed at least four years of formal learning can work in a wide range of industries and what they do may vary. However, between mechanical and electrical engineering, electrical is harder because students would have to deal with lots of subjects and complexion. I have heard there is a higher percentage of mechanical engineers that can move into senior roles but I am not sure if it is because of their traits( i.e better communicators etc ) or because of their expertise ( bit of knowledge of circuits and control systems aswell as mechanical systems ) Thomas Register® and Mechanical Engineering vs Electrical Engineering: Which is Harder? ME stands for mechanical engineering whereas EE stands for electrical engineer. They do, however, also mention that this rate will most likely favor those who stay abreast with the latest technological advances. It is home to many sub-disciplines. Replacement of the traditional internal combustion engine with cleaner, battery-powered systems brings new challenges regarding torque and energy loss, and the design of mechatronics to support new electrical systems. Electrical engineers earn higher than mechanical engineers. Mechanical engineering and electrical engineering are both good programs and professions. Graduates from an electrical engineering program are known as electrical engineers and they mainly focus on large-scale production and distribution of electrical power. Practicing professionals, however, will need to keep up-to-date with current and future advancements to avoid being left behind. In fact, both engineering field are very essential in the all sectors of the economy. Mechanical Engineers interestingly, are involved in providing daily products. So, looking for better pay, then, EE is the best option. See What are the Best Schools for Mechanical Engineering vs Electrical Engineering?
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