The Tile Ready® family of shower pan models includes: Bathtub Replacement™™ shower bases are designed to fit the footprint of the bathtub you remove to replace with a shower. It was tricky setting the stone and tile due to the limited supply of thin set, but since I was aware of that issue via Internet feedback from customers, I got through it just fine. Then Tile Redi® tileable shower products that you can install and tile the same day offer state of the art solutions for you! Redi Free™® Barrier Free shower pans, including ADA shower pan models, are available in each of the product lines to provide a walk in or roll-in entrance for your preferred shower design. You will see remodeling your shower can be fast and easy. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. This morning I received a delivery of a damaged TileRedi shower pan and to my surprise, neither the distributor ( or the shipping company (Estes) cared to about me or my order. Lots of give in the pan and creaking when you stepped into it. We were impressed with Kandice's customer service, and efficiency. The same Tile Redi® products sold to building professionals and contractors are those we sell to do-it-yourselfers. It is nice to see companies that pride themselves in great customer service. The end user’s refusal to accept the tender terminates all warranty obligations and voids any warranty. In order to make a warranty claim, the original end user must notify Tile Redi’s Customer Service Representative at 1-888-757-4002 of the date the Product was originally sold by the manufacturer, the registration code, and the nature of the defect in material and/or workmanship. I really appreciate you getting this shipped today. We now have downloadable Tiling & Grate assembly instructions for Redi Trench®, WonderFall Trench, and Wonder Drain® shower pans; just click on your model below. Whether it is for bathrooms, showers, and/or barrier free or ADA showers in a new project or a renovation of an existing home or facility, Tile Redi® one piece shower bases, benches, niches and ledges offer quick and easy installation and a leakproof shower solution. You and Tile Redi have been Excellent to work with. Redi Swing™ shower doors offer swinging doors in a variety or finishes and glass styles. Wanted to drop you a line thanking you for all your hard work in getting your product costs into our budget so that we could use the Tile Redi system in the Embassy Suites Hotel here in Houston. Redi Neo™® shower pans with the industry's largest variety of neo angle styles including Redi Trench®, WonderFall Trench™™, Wonder Drain® and Redi Base® models. Besides the return, you have reassured a positive attitude towards your company so hopefully the product is as good as the service you have provided. Like to see it in writing? Choice of single curb, double curb, barrier free, or ADA entrance. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. Tile Ready® brand Ready-to-Tile™™ shower products offer state of the art solutions for you and your customers, and they are easy-to-install and leak proof! If you need to sand something - clean it up before going forward. You are really great. A quick note of "Thanks and Appreciation" to you and all related personnel at Ready Tile. Marmara Corporation highly recommends your products and we hope to use them again on future projects. Redi Niche® shower shelves come in over 30 models including single, double, triple, and quadruple combinations with both vertical and horizontal shelf orientations. Corner Drain Neo-Angle Shower Base. I had been looking at acrylic shower pans, but really wanted the luxury look of a fully tiled shower stall. Our course provides AIA, IDCEC and state credit as well as qualifying for HSW. Also filled the gaps underneath with "good stuff" (through the screw holes - just prior to placing the screws). We highly recommend Tile Redi and will be buying from them again for future projects. Would you like a tileable drain top so your shower drain becomes invisible? Based on pictures I sent to Kandice she was able to have a replacement pan shipped to me in time to save the schedule for the tile people. As soon as I get this puppy installed and the rest of the room finished I will need to start on the hall bath renovation and you can be assured I will order another shower pan from Tile-Redi. The test setup consisted of said drain assembly, including a section of the pan itself, together with a section of PVC pipe sealed to the top of the pan, surrounding the drain. It is also approved by many other organizations (click link below for details). Redi Base® double curb shower bases are used where two walls of the shower will not be traditionally framed, but rather exposed to the room itself; for example, a corner shower with two tiled walls and two glass walls. We Kerdi'd the walls and … Base’N Bench® Shower Kits feature a shower pan and bench specifically sized to fit the footprint of your bathtub. They are both knowledgeable in their products, experienced in their shower pans that can be directly tiled and have been very helpful in selecting the product sizes we needed. He is truly a valuable asset to your company. I am amazed! At Tile Redi® the shower pan is just the start of a great shower design. Would a strong epoxy have that kind of flex/compression when dry?? We look forward to continuing business with Tile Redi. Learning about shower pans is as sexy and ‘interesting’ as seeing your Mother in Law ‘attempting’ to imitate your teenage daughter’s hot new look. Some states/provinces do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, or the exclusion or limitation of special, incidental or consequential damages, so these limitations and exclusions may not apply to you. Thank you Stephanie, I really appreciate your help on this. They’re built to any size or shape. You drop in place and tile on it using their mastic which they send with all their pans. One of our primary development objectives is to build a quality product that minimizes owner's maintenance and operating costs. It’s been a pleasure to do business with your firm and I will certainly recommend you to anyone who asks. Your tech team sent me an email with instructions. Check out our latest addition! Thank you so much for your help and for being a company who cares. I called you yesterday before noon EST about the damaged shower pan, and less than 24 hours I received the replacement. Thank you very much for your help. Come join the discussion about tools, projects, builds, styles, scales, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! It was so prompt, we were really surprised, great email communication all the way and a wonderful product. How can Tile Redi® offer you so many choices? The design options are truly endless! Had to couter-sink long concrete screws into the floor and seal with silicone (similar to the instructions on how to install the corner seats). One of the main reasons why we went with this system was due to the ease of install and how they used “Laticrete” as the tile setting method over there pre-formed pan. Category: 2020 Tags: tile ready shower pan problems, tile redi shower pan issues, tile redi shower pan problems Post navigation ← Deck Mount Tub Faucet With Shower Diverter By solving water intrusion problems, Tile Redi ® shower pans inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. Find My Redi Poxy Browse Redi Poxy Models All Installation Materials. I talked to Kandice and she got right on it and sent me a replacement. Find My Redi Niche Browse Redi Niche Models All Shower Shelves. The manufacturer does not have any control over the selection of product configuration, handling, actual installation, operating hardware or glazing material, and the manufacturer assumes no responsibility therefor. We are very satisfied with Tile Redi's products and would recommend them to anyone with a shower renovation or new construction. The designer shower you install in the bathroom with our Tile Ready® shower products will cater to the most discriminating tastes of your customers. Thank You. COMPARE KBRS TO OTHER SHOWER SYSTEMS DON'T GET CAUGHT WITH LEAKY KNOCK OFFS! Additionally, our tile subcontractors love the fact that all of the pan cuts are identical speeding up their installation and providing a more uniform appearance. The PVC pipe was then filled with water to simulate a head pressure of 2 vertical feet of water column on the drain. Available in over 40 models! Redi Ledge™® shaving steps offer a practical and attractive way for your guests to shave their legs easily and safely in the shower. The answer is where aren't they being used?! See attached photos for additional details. Tile Ready® brand revolutionary products have changed the way bathrooms are designed and constructed and at the same time made leak-proof tiled showers available to everyone. JavaScript is disabled. Redi Flash is a flashing systems invented by Tile Redi for purposes of addressing the waterproofing of the juncture between the tile ready shower pan and the shower board. I seriously appreciate the speed at which Tile Redi has dealt with this problem. The design options are truly endless! I had looked at all the other methods that could be used to make a large shower enclosure like this, and I was worried about leakage at the wall to floor junctions, if I didn’t get it done right. Based on this outcome, Southland is pleased to approve this shower pan configuration for use in your construction project. We are providing California Prop 65 warning labels simply to inform customers that the product contains items that are found on the State of California's Proposition 65 list of chemicals. The order arrived, and it was correct, except for tiny scratches on one piece of hardware, and one bag of epoxy that appeared to be leaking very, very small amounts of liquid. He can be very thankful that I was not present for the delivery. Tile Ready® brand shower pan models include: Redi Base® shower pans come in over 100 standard models with a variety of sizes and drain locations. Please feel free to contact me after it arrives if we need to confirm anything regarding the replacement base. Two distinct models will appeal to your specific design preference. I don't know if that's the problem or not. I will arrange to ship the base to the address you provided. It sounds like the Tile Redi shower pan installation you are installing requires additional mortar to fill any high and low areas underneath the shower pan which may be causes a flex. For example, if your framed in area measures 60" wide, you would need to purchase a 48" wide shower base and then add the 12" wide Redi Bench® to complete your 60" framed area. Our company constructs a lot of Hospitality projects where we provide Tile Redi products in our scope of work. We have the industry'’s largest selection of one-piece Ready-to-Tile™™ shower pan models, giving you many design options: linear trenches, tileable drain tops or designer drain grates, Infinity Shower Floor™™ with slot drain, single or multi-curbs or barrier free accessible entrances; and the shower tile can match, coordinate with, or accent the rest of the bathroom tile design. Are your guests tired of taking a shower in a bathtub? All Rights Reserved. Unbelievable! Tile Ready® brand Ready-to-Tile™™ shower products are easy-to-install and leak proof! Items may be returned within 30 days of receiving your order. I have recommended your product and company to several people already. Tile Ready® brand shower pans provide the best water intrusion solution on the market. So far we're sold on Tile Redi! Are you worried about building your own tiled shower base or tiled shower pan? For more information go to Redi Bench® shower seats offer a safe and beautiful place to sit in the shower and there is a model designed to fit virtually every shower pan we manufacture. And, all Tile Redi® Ready-to-Tile™ shower products are leak proof and easy-to-install. Few prefabricated shower pans will feel as rock-solid as a tiled shower base. I am in full support of Tile Redi products for all upcoming projects which will require a tiled shower area. We recently used a tile redi shower pan (32-48), niche, and four foot bench to remodel one of the bathrooms in our 134 year old Michigan farm house. One last request, please send some of your 80 degree Florida weather to us here in Wisconsin. This limited warranty applies only to the original installation and to the original purchaser, and is not transferable by the original purchaser. I wanted to let you know how happy I have been with your product. Redi Free™ shower pans have no curb at the entrance, allowing for walk in or roll-in access. Find My Redi Bench Browse Redi Bench Models All Finishing Touches. Redi Trench® shower bases are the industry’'s only one-piece, tileable shower pan with an integrated linear trench drain and choice of either tileable linear grate or designer linear grate tops. Bathtub Replacement™™ shower bases are designed to fit the footprint of the bathtub you remove to replace with a shower. These pans are straightforward to install, light to handle and provide a 100% waterproof structure for your custom tile shower. They’re pre-sloped to wherever you want the drain. Two distinct models will appeal to your specific design preference. If a product is defective or damaged in any way before or during installation, do not install it. Seller’s option to repair or exchange the product under this limited warranty does not cover any labor or other costs of removal or installation. We've got it for you! Find My Redi Base Browse Redi Base Models All Shower Pans. You be assured that I will be using your products whenever I can in the future!! Base’N Door™ Shower Kits feature a shower pan and door sized to perfectly fit your project. At Tile Redi ® the shower pan is just the start of a great shower design. In the event of a limited warranty claim, proof of purchase will be required - save sales receipt. x 48 in. The manufacturer’s warranty obligation shall be discharged upon tender of parts, replacement or refund to the original end user of the product. Shower pans’ hollowness can be perceived as weakness, and this is not necessarily the case. It arrived the next day by another carrier which allowed me to open it in the truck (since it was so large) and check it before accepting it. Unless the directions have changed, Tile-Redi requires you to use an epoxy mortar to set the tiles onto their pan. After dealing with your company directly I received my Soap Niche the very next day. At the very least you should give this fellow a pay raise/bonus for his positive approach. Redi Bench® shower seats offer a safe and beautiful place to sit in the shower and there is a model designed to fit virtually every shower pan we manufacture. The product is easy to install, thus reducing installation time and labor cost. I got the whole shower done in two weekends, including all the tile work. Again, a prompt and very helpful answer. I was working as the Design Manager for the Aliante Casino in North Las Vegas, Nevada when we came across an opportunity to use a new and innovative product for a pre-formed shower pan system. Customer is responsible for return shipping cost. Choice of single curb, double curb, barrier free, or ADA entrance. It was a Pleasure dealing with a company with High Standards of Customer Service and Integrity. Single Threshold Shower Base with Center Drain and Polished Chrome Drain Plate The shower pan should not have any flex if installed correctly. If a Tile Redi® product is found to be defective in materials or workmanship after inspection by an authorized Tile Redi representative, Seller will repair or at its option exchange the product for a similar model. Redi Ledge® recessed step offers an innovative and safe way to shave your legs in the shower. The surface of our shower bases is Ready-to-Tile™: you can set tile directly on the surface of the shower pan once it is installed. Southland recently conducted a field-test of the proposed "Tile Redi" shower pan configuration. WHY? Our Ready-to-Tile™ shower bases, benches, niches, and ledges are used by home builders, contractors, architects and interior designers, real estate developers, renovators, hospitality professionals, and tile and plumbing contractors. Do you still manually construct and pitch shower bases and curbs, and use shower liners? Doug took care of me last week. I did not want to embarrass them, so I called and asked if anyone could speak Spanish. If you need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service specialists at 1-855-750-REDI (7334). Fortunately, TileRedi cared, and when I spoke with Doug this morning I spoke with someone genuine and someone who represented TileRedi extremely well.
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