You taste victory by defeating your opponent with cruel words that cut and wound. Indonesian does have a general conceptual metaphor for ANGER IS A DANGEROUS ANIMAL. The participants also had their anger and aggression levels measured after each exercise. "Anger’s not nice; people don’t like it." When I was working on The Phoenix Codex, I sometimes took way too much time thinking about ways to describe anger in writing. Maintain an anger journal and read it periodically to learn more about your feelings. Sadness tastes like the sawdust left floating in the air long after someone has finished a project. 11 Her sister’s anger became wilder. Sadness tastes like lemonade that has been watered down way too much. - Buddha. Sadness tastes like Dr. Pepper that went flat hours ago. Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. If my main character, Cassie, got angry enough, wild animals attacked whoever pissed her off, so she became very aware of how her anger feels.. Anger is Red like fire and passion, hot like habaneros Love is like cheesecake, creamy and sweet through and through with a good solid crust to keep it all together. Glad you asked, A new study suggests anger does indeed have a scent. Things like kicking, punching, hitting and screaming can actually increase your anger and put you into a worse place, mentally. When the boards are pulled off the windows and you have shouldered your way past the broken door you will smell the decay of old newspapers and rotting foam from the couch and chairs. Decide what works best for you. I know lots of writers also get stuck on how to describe frustration in writing—or annoyance, or flat-out rage. Anger helps you set up a “no trespassing” sign that strikes fear … Anger is more ferocious than fire, it is more dangerous than earthquake. It eats upon the host. How Does Anger Manipulate You? b. Amarah liar kakaknya itu menjadi-jadi. Sadness tastes like gum that you have been chewing for so long it has lost its flavor. Do you think hatred is at the opposite end of love on a spectrum, or does the spectrum run just from anger to hatred? Jesus wasn’t known as an angry person; On a few occasions we read that He seems annoyed and brief with a few in leadership and influence, but even then, Jesus was calm, respectful and direct. Try to Benefit from Your Anger. It smells of a house, locked up and for many years forgotten. This may seem odd but when I get angry, and I mean really angry, like angry enough that my face goes a violent red, for about ten minutes afterwards I can smell pancakes with maple syrup. The following are examples: (7) 10a. A Quiz. I have only felt deep hatred for 3 people, all of whom I felt had power over me. The word Rasa can also be translated to mean “flavor” or “taste,” which suggests that all of these emotions should be tasted in order to enjoy the fullness of life. How Well Do You Manager Anger? Do they smell too? Sadness tastes like Jealousy is green like envy and bitter to the core.It's a dill sour pickle. What does anger smell like for you? ... or “zap” them like popcorn. Amarah lebih ganas dari pada api lebih berbahaya dari pada gempa bumi. You may not want to be a "nice" person, and you definitely don’t want people to like your anger. "Um... that's the whole point," you might respond. Anger creates a “rush” of adrenalin that empowers you to control and dominate others. One of the 9 rasas is called Raudra Rasa, and it is the emotion of anger. Is it hatred – anger – neutrality – good will – love? Bitterness is like cancer. Sometimes, explosive actions make you feel worse. German and Swedish researchers had 15 healthy male volunteers give a sample of their body odor, once after a boxing session and once after using an exercise machine.
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