That means even more uncertainty – and uncertainty is a cancer for business. But when there’s a global financial crisis, with all the uncertainty that brings, the challenges multiply for companies engaged in international trade. Small business owners hate uncertainty. An escalation of tit-for-tat protectionist measures would have a negative impact on business investment, for example. Corporate lobbying can be good for individual companies, but it's bad for business overall, and bad for our political process. For example, who needs to fill out a FBAR if a company is a Fortune 500 business with offices and bank accounts in multiple countries and cities around the world? It would be an ironic twist if an Administration that entered office promising “Alaska is open for business,” and promising to unleash the private sector, ended up creating so much uncertainty that it destroyed businesses’ abilities to invest with confidence and sent our best and brightest looking elsewhere for jobs and opportunity. AlMasry AlYoum: Egypt: Uncertainty is bad for business 16.12.11 | Interesting article at AlMasry AlYoum In the tense aftermath of the January 25 revolution and amid the ongoing violence of the Arab Spring, the economic situation in Egypt is in turmoil. It's hard for corporate chiefs to plan for the future when they're waiting for a closetful of shoes to drop. Two of the biggest challenges are cash flow unpredictability and currency exchange rate volatility. As one small business owner put it "Trump is making planning nearly impossible." Uncertainty is bad for business. Political instability bad for business . Some small business owners also believe that the cost of uncertainty is not evenly distributed, claiming Trump’s policies are “psychologically destabilizing our economy and hurting the underserved in our society.” Already, foreign investment into UK companies has dropped to … ... major capital investments in Canada’s resource sector have significantly declined due to regulatory uncertainty. Read more on Managing uncertainty or related topics Decision making and Leadership TC Ted Cadsby is a corporate director, consultant, and … Ensuring that bad guys aren’t opening bank accounts abroad to finance attacks on the U.S. is a worthy goal, but complying with FBAR is a nightmare. Regulatory uncertainty bad for business. Generally speaking, uncertainty is bad for business. ... global economic uncertainty and a possible vote by the UK to leave the EU mean we cannot take the recovery for granted.
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