Benjamin LisleMy work explores urban space and culture in the United States, past and present. Modern Coliseum: Stadiums and American Culture (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2017) examines how stadiums have expressed and structured the experience of the city since World War II. I am currently developing a project that investigates the ways craft beer has reshaped the urban landscape since the 1970s. You can find the green shoots for that at the Maine Beer Project.

I am Visiting Assistant Professor of American Studies at Colby College, where I teach courses on cultural history and geography, the built environment, material culture, and sport history. A full list is available on my CV page; email me if you’d like to see a particular syllabus.

Portland, Maine is where I live. You might find me flaneurizing about town, scratching out field notes in one of our many brewery tasting rooms, or lingering at Novare Res, working on my chalice list; I’ll be the one reading the book with a pencil.